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4 Things That Make Bulk Terry Toilet Towels Unique

by Marguerite
Terry cloth is a popular type of fabric covered in tiny loops. It is one of the most absorbent materials on the market. The terry fabric is also soft to touch, and it is used to make various products, including baby clothes and toilet towels. You will realize that terry toilet towels are perhaps the most common product made from the Terry cloth. In fact, bulk terry towels are among the most purchased and sought-after products on e-commerce stores like Alibaba. Most buyers, especially those in the retail business, prefer bulk buying because of their unique elements and customers’ never-ending preference.

What you will love about bulk Terry toilet towels

There is a lot to love about these towels. They are not the usual attire that you can get bored with. If you are looking forward to owning these towels, don’t hesitate.  Below are unique elements about bulk Terry toilet towels and why they are worth purchasing.

Custom designs

The terry cloth is quite versatile. It comes in many colors and can be used to create unique towel designs. Therefore, one unique thing about Terry toilet towels is that they come in many custom designs, and you cannot miss what you want. There are dozens of custom designs like lady-bug printed, tie-dye, anime, and standard plan toilet towels; there are many fun options for kids and adults. Therefore, stick to Terry toilet towels if you want something unique for your kids, guests, or adult bathrooms. The wide range of customized designs also allows you to get something that matches your bathroom’s aesthetics.


Another unique thing about Terry toilet papers is their quality. The terry fabric is among the best quality toilet towel materials you will ever come across, thanks to its high absorbency and softness. One interesting quality feature is that the towel usually feels the same on both sides. Therefore, you do not have to worry about one side being softer or rougher than the other.

Offer maximum absorbency

Terry towels guarantee maximum absorbency. Their fabric is usually woven using two wrap beams. The ground wrap creates the base of the fabric while the pile wrap forms the uncut piles that stand up on the base fabric. The pile wrap creates the surface area that makes the Terry cloth super absorbent, strong, and soft. Its woven design is also responsible for its maximum absorbency.

Super soft

These unique toilet towels are perhaps the softest you can find on the market. This is also thanks to their woven design. This design also makes them stronger when they get wet. Therefore, they can withstand constant use and cleaning. Do you have special instructions from the doctor that you need super soft toilet towels due to a certain condition? You now know the best choice for you.


Buying bulk Terry towels is the best decision for your household or business. These towels are generally soft, absorbent, durable, and come in many designs. Browse our section and choose what you want. Buying in bulk is cheaper than buying in individual pieces.

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