Best Bluetooth Projector to Invest In

Best Bluetooth Projector to Invest In

We all love a nice movie break after a long hectic day at work but have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a movie theater right in the comfort of your house? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what Vankyo leisure 495W projector is for.

Now you can watch your favorite movies, TV series, documentaries, and whatever you like, on a big screen and bring a movie theatre to your house! Watching a movie on the Vankyo projector can be the perfect ending to your day! With the clarity that will shock you to the core and so many amazing features, the Vankyo projector is worth the hype.

Read on to know more about the Vankyo projector and what makes it the best Bluetooth projector offering a number of amazing features.

What Makes Vankyo Leisure 495W The Best Bluetooth Projector?

Hop on to the following points in order to get more information about the features offered by Vankyo Leisure 495W.

1. 5G Speed With Easy Sharing Facility

One of the best features of the Vankyo projector is that it supports a speedy screen mirroring without any lags, therefore, providing you with the perfect and the smoothest movie experience. With its easy share feature, users can easily mirror their screens using Wi-Fi. You can easily share your screen directly from your mobile phone, pad, and laptop.

With the amazing 5G speed provided by this projector, users can watch their favorite movies and TV series without any lags or crashes.

2. Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity is an important feature demanded by the users nowadays. The built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hardware makes it possible for the Bluetooth to facilitate wireless connection for data transmission. This allows cordless connections. So you can attach your computer or a mobile phone through Bluetooth to this Vankyo projector. No need to invest in cables and no tension of cable breakage. You don’t have to carry the cables either.

3. Dolby Cinema Experience

The Vankyo projector provides its users with realistic and rich colors which will enhance the quality of the movie so that they can feel like they are inside the movie. Not just that but this projector is supported by a Dolby sound speaker so that the sound effects can be as realistic as the video quality, therefore, leaving no stone unturned in providing you with the best movie experience right in the comfort of your house.

4. Portable & Minimalistic Design

With its minimalist design and portability, you can easily carry the projector from room to room or even from place to place far away, without having to carry a load, due to the fact that this projector is lightweight and has a compact design.

Did you know that the Vankyo projector is one of the quietest projectors you can find? It is true due to its built-in noise canceling system.

5. Fascinating Multimedia Experience

The Vankyo projector will change your binge-watch experience entirely and enhance it like nothing else. By providing its users with an incredible multimedia experience, it allows them to watch their favorite movies, TV series, and documentaries from a number of streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Amazon prime, and more with the use of TV sticks.


If you want to have an experience of a movie theatre right inside your house and that too every day, then the Vankyo Leisure 495 W is the perfect solution for you as it provides you with the most amazing features you can find in a projector. You can enjoy an endless number of movies and TV series with its Dolby cinema experience which offers a clear and brighter view with rich colors. So what are you waiting for? Get your Vankyo projector now and experience your favorite movies and TV series like never before!