Can We Use a Pressure Washer At 3200psi?

Can We Use a Pressure Washer At 3200psi?

The desirable pressure for washers is 3200 psi to 4200 psi, pressure washers work efficiently at this rate. Pressure washers are used for cleaning purposes, usually to get rid of the sticky stains present on various surfaces. These tools save your time from scratching stains and clear the required surfaces within no time. They require high power for pressure generation, this is obtained by a gas engine or electric motor. A high, suitable pressure of approximately 3200 psi is required to force the water out of the sharp nozzle. Pressurized water, thus released helps in cleaning concentrated grime in cars, engines, carpets, exterior walls of houses, garages, and tiled floors. Pressure washers have a broad range of applications in our daily life.

Is 3200 psi an ideal pressure for pressure washers?

Pressure washers require a suitable pressure for their functioning. The most reliable pressure range is 3200 psi-4200 psi as discussed above. This much pressure is enough for the toughest jobs and can make your work easy and faster. Old, gummed-up stains were always impossible to remove, but pressure washers with 3200 psi pressure have made this task so easy. They have eased us in workshops and even in the households by removing stains and dirt from:

  • Solid objects
  • Rocks
  • Bricks
  • Walls
  • Hardwood surfaces
  • Strong parts of automobiles
  • Heavy-duty models

So, this is a suitable pressure to get rid of greasy and rough surfaces. Concrete can be cleaned only with high pressure of about 3000 psi or above. Thus,  you can clean large areas and patches of rust quickly through high-pressure washing.

Is the use of 3200 psi pressure limited to particular products?

Various products have various sensitivity ranges. So, pressure washers need to have precise pressure according to the need. For example, car pressure washers work on low pressure, which is between 1200 psi and 1900 psi. So, high pressure of 3200 psi may damage or may form a dent in the parts of the car. Similarly, this much high pressure can deteriorate the quality of lighter materials. On the other hand, low pressure won’t let tough and stubborn stains go.

Disadvantages of pressure higher than 3200 psi:

The higher the psi, the higher will be the water pressure. The 3200 pounds per square inch is a very high pressure but it is reliable and helps in various processes. Any pressure higher than this pressure is suitable for particular processes only. Such high-pressure levels exceed the safety limit. In other words, a pressure of 4000 pounds per square inch is enough to cut your arm off. Still, you can use such high pressures to strip off car paints but with absolute care, to save it from dents.


Pressure washers have made our lives easy and less hectic and are helpful in saving our time and energy too. It is important to check the pressure of the pressure washer and to read the instructions before its application. Furthermore, it is also necessary to study the properties of the required surface. Particularly, its pressure enduring capacity before pressure washing.