Can you move a cat house here and there?

Can you move a cat house here and there?

You may use a cat house to keep your pet safe and sound. But it should also be moveable so that you may carry it here and there with you. But before that, you must make a cat house first. For that, all you need is a plastic tub as well as an axe to cut it. A cat house of a certain size will make the pets live in it. You may also use plywood for this purpose.

Some people buy cat houses made of glass or something like that. So, it becomes difficult for them to even move those houses. And those cat houses are surely not for a single pet, rather they are for multiple number of pets. If you have to keep a male and female cat for mating, just don’t put them in a cage-like house. Rather, you have to keep them in a room first for some time. When they get comfortable with each other, they will mate. Otherwise, they may injure each other which is not what you want.

So, just make a moveable cat house that works well enough, both for you and your cats.

How does the Presence of cats affect the environment?

Cats have proven to be beneficial for the environment. Not like they will help you clean the house or anything, but they don’t spread anything that affects it. But the worst part about having a cat is that you have to clean its fur all the time. Cats have a habit of roaming around which is why they seem to spread their hair also. So, at the end of the day, you have to clean the house. The problem becomes even worse if your cat is double coated or triple coated. So, it is better for you to keep them in their houses in order to avoid any such issue.

Besides that, cats may also become a cause of asthma to a normal person. Or it will make the condition worse if you are already a patient. It may also cause other breathing problems if come in contact with you for a long time on regular basis. So, most professionals recommend to stay away from it even if it is close to your heart. Or else, you may face health problems that may take your life also.


If you own a cat, that doesn’t mean it should stay in bed with you all the time. Nor you can clean their hair from their body. So, the best option is to make a cat house that is moveable so that you may carry it with you whenever you need. However, if a stray cat visits you quite often, it won’t hurt you in any way. It won’t jump into your bed, nor it will use the toilet. But it won’t stay in the cat house either. You will find it either on the roof of your house or in store room. So, make sure that you chose a pet that understands the language of your hands. Only then, you can make it live in the cat house.