Commercial Application Of LED Outdoor Lighting

Commercial Application Of LED Outdoor Lighting

LED lighting is gaining popularity in industrial applications due to its multiple benefits and unique properties. These lights are pocket-friendly as they do not consume many watts and rarely need maintenance.

Outdoor LED lighting has an amazing lifespan of about 50,000-100,000 hours.

Due to their reliability and cost-effectiveness, outdoor led lighting has made a place in commercial use.

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What are the Applications of Outdoor LED Lighting?

1- Parking lots

Parking areas are the most common place where you would find LED lighting. The main reason is the extent of light, and the area these LED lights can cover is enormous. It assures a person of the safety of his vehicle and other belongings.

2- Stadiums

Back in 1878, floodlights were first used in a stadium in England. A century later, LED floodlights were devised to preserve energy.

Today, you will not find a single arena, stadium, or even auditorium without being illuminated by hundreds of LED floodlights. These lights reach every nook and corner of the playground or concert arenas.

3- Warehouses

A warehouse needs a reliable lighting system that can reach all the areas, be it the dark corners or far back spots. It negates any chances of break-ins as thieves look for dark spaces to hide and avoid places with lights on.

For this same purpose, some warehouses have motion sensors installed with LED flood lights that enable the lights to turn on only when they detect movements and activities.

4- Swimming pools

The LED lights designers are not coming slow and have come up with lights that can be installed underwater. These are especially important for the swimmers to have a clear sight at night. It is potentially dangerous to swim in the dark.

They also fulfill the purpose of beautification of pools or even aquariums as well.

Reasonable light is required here for the same reason as in parking areas; safety of vehicle and ease in parking the car.

5- Streets

Appropriate lighting on the street is essential to avoid accidents or any other threats across the roads. These lights impart a sense of safety among people.

An LED floodlight can illuminate large spaces due to its wide beam angle. These lights even give an illusion of daytime.

6- Commercial buildings

A clever marketing tactic is to have a charismatic appearance and building structure. Along with that, lights illuminating the signboard and entrance draw people more. It wards off any negative vibe or fear that the person might experience entering a dark place.


Commercial environments are in search of every opportunity to reduce operating costs. LED lights are efficient, but proper installation planning is required, including the type of light, wattage, number, and positions of the fixture.

LED outdoor lights can work in any environment with properly designed fixtures. These lights are highly durable and way more energy efficient than traditional lights.