Context of the book “Are You Happy Now”

Context of the book “Are You Happy Now”

Female shifters are rare in this world. Being a female shifter is a big deal for Cassidy which compels her to hide this fact from the world. On turning sixteen, Cassidy finally finds her mate who is supposed to love her unconditionally. But, fate has some other plans. His mate rejects her because he needs a stronger alpha female for his pack. So, he uses Cassidy’s sister “breilla” as his slut. When the world crashes down on cassidy from everywhere, she turns into a female rouge. She starts discovering herself in a new way. She builds a family of her own. But, things rarely go the way we want them to go. What will she do when her past catches up with her? Is Damen going to regret rejecting his other half? Will he come after her? What about Cassidy’s family? Do they miss her or forget her? Writer “pluto” has described the answers to all these questions in 160 chapters of his book “are you happy now?”

Chapter 1:

In chapter one, Cassidy Knightlock describes her own journey of becoming a female rouge. It all starts with her 16th birthday. She has a knack to hide her smell from others, so nobody gets to know that she is a shifter. She has a complicated relationship with her siblings. Her sister Breilla hates her for uncountable reasons. Her brother Jacob is least interested in the well-being of his siblings and more concerned about his own reputation. On Cassidy’s 16th birthday, they all go to school together where Cassidy is supposed to meet her mate. When Cassidy enters the campus he finally smells her mate for the first time. Damen Michaelson-alpha to be. They hold eye contact for a few seconds. But the next moment, Cassidy’s heart shatters to pieces when she sees her sister kissing her mate.

Chapter 2:

Filled with rage, Cassidy’s wolf fights her for control. But she controls her somehow and confronts her mate Damen. Damen calmly rejects her telling her that he needs a stronger alpha female for his pack. Then he kisses Breilla again and breaks Cassidy’s heart into million pieces. And above all, Jacob humiliated his sister in front of the Damen by calling her a liar. It was another plus factor that makes her decide to run away.

Chapter 3:

Only Cassidy’s mom truly understands her. So, she helps her pack things up and leave. Parting is always painful. Cassidy’s departure makes her and her mother cry badly. She takes the picture of her brother Jacob and Damen as a reminder that why she left everything.

Chapter 4:

Cassidy turns herself into a rouge. She never enjoyed anything in her life as much as being a rouge. She felt most lively on snapping the necks of her prey. She thought of all the pain her brother, her whore sister, and her mate Damen caused her. But, all the trouble was worth what she has become now. All of it was possible because of a man he found. He taught her everything and made her what she was today-the most powerful creature in the woods.