eliminate common functions

eliminate common functions
Other than failing to introduce new features, Pokémon Go also eliminated common ones. This is likely to alienate gamers, especially if done with minimal explanation – some commentators have branded the sport “damaged”.


In Pokémon Go’s situation, the attribute in dilemma was “Pokémon monitoring”. A Main element of the game is usually that it produces a virtual representation on the player’s genuine-globe spot, which happens to be then populated with Pokémon characters for players to gather by walking all-around. But to catch Pokémon, gamers need to have to learn wherever they are – and without Pokémon monitoring, players are left wandering aimlessly and relying on luck to discover them.

Pokémon tracking was relatively rudimentary in the game itself, and arguably did not get the job done in any way. This led many third events to produce their unique Pokémon monitoring applications that turned crucial to dedicated gamers. Basically, players approved the initial damaged attribute due to the fact third-party apps allow them to circumvent it.

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