Exploring The Benefits of Virgin Remy Hair Used in Hand-Tied Hair Wefts

Exploring The Benefits of Virgin Remy Hair Used in Hand-Tied Hair Wefts

It is in this respect that the kind of hair used in hair extensions defines the outlook of the extensions, feel, and durability of the extensions. Comparing all types of hair extensions, virgin remy hair is the best one and almost indistinguishable from natural hair. Hand-tied wefts have some unique qualities that make Virgin Remy hair very popular among specialists in hair extensions and all the customers who want to get a perfect result. To explore more about remy hair extensions, click right here.

What is Virgin Remy Hair?

Hair that has not undergone chemical processing and is extracted from a single donor while retaining its natural roots is known as virgin remy hair. All of the scales on this type of hair are parallel to one another and have an undamaged cuticle layer. The hair feels silky and does not knot thanks to this arrangement, which makes handling it easy. Because virgin Remy hair has not been chemically processed it means that it has not been bleached, permed, colored, or subjected to any other harsh treatment, therefore, it is robust and healthy.

Quality of Hand-tied wefts

Hand-tied wefts are created by knitting individual hairs with very thin and flexible wefts in them. This way of weaving ensures that the wefts lie flat on the head which is more comfortable than those wefts produced by the machines. Moreover, hand-tied wefts can barely shed hair; therefore, it is long-lasting; which means that if you invest in them, you will get value.

Pros of Virgin Remy Hair for Hand-Tied Wefts

Natural Appearance

Virgin Remy hair in hand-tied wefts gives you a natural look that cannot be distinguished from your original hair. The cuticles are not compromised, and the hair is unprocessed which makes it ideal to use with natural hair, and transition is almost unnoticeable. This applies much more to those who want length and density but at the same time do not wish to appear unnatural.


Virgin Remy hair has no differences from natural hair since it is also wearable and can be styled. It can be curled, straightened, and also dyed if one wishes to but it is advised to go to a salon to do it to avoid damaging the hair. This in a way can make it easier to find several options that meet the individual’s preference and the occasion that the event is set to be held.


Undoubtedly, the biggest strength of Virgin Remy hair is that it does not fade or wear out very quickly. Since the hair never touches the chemicals, it is healthy, strong, and more manageable as it only comes into contact with water. If maintained, Virgin Remy hair in hand-tied wefts can be worn for over a year and is rather inexpensive in the long run.

Comfort and Zero Damage

Certain types of wefts that are hand-tied are lightweight, and they provide comfort to the user or the client. It is gentle on the scalp and does not apply a lot of stress to natural hair. Hand-tied wefts do not use glue in the process of their installation; therefore, there is no way to harm natural hair, and they can be deemed safe for one’s health.


Hand-tied wefts of Virgin Remy hair can be considered the best hair extension in the market today. It benefits anyone who would like to enhance their hairstyle since it has a natural appearance and is stretchy, long-lasting, and comfortable to wear. Regardless of whether it is for everyday wear or occasions, one should always stock up on Virgin Remy hand-tied wefts because they will be natural and last longer.