How to change a Fuel filter

How to change a Fuel filter

This fuel filter on this link: remains one of the best options of fuel filter for any engine. But knowing how to replace it yourself is a plus, as it saves you cost and time. Here is the full process for changing your fuel filter.

Reduce or remove all pressure from the engine

An engine will start because of the supply of fuel to its carburetor. Before you can safely remove a fuel filter, you need to be sure that all fuel within the system has finished. You can refer to this process as relieving the system of pressure.

All you will need to do is to remove the fuel pump to prevent supply. After that, you will run the car to ensure there is little to no fuel. You can simply follow this process to remove pressure from your fuel;

  • Find the fuse box of the engine
  • Take out the fuel pump fuse
  • Check to confirm the gear is in the park position
  • Ignite your vehicle to start
  • Turn off the vehicle after running for about one minute and thirty seconds.

Remove the connection to the battery

Safety comes first when you want to change the fuel pump. Hence, you need to ensure there are no possibilities of an ignition. You can do this by easily removing the negative connection of the battery. Ensure there is no possibility of that connection happening while you remove it.

Look for fuel filter

Fuel filters never have a single location in any vehicle. However, there are two most probable locations for the filter;

  • Along the connection of the fuel pump to the engine. That will be under your vehicle.
  • In the engine close to the engine line

The first option underneath your car is the most common. But you can easily confirm the position from the car's manual.

Get a container to take in other fuel

When you ran the car with no fuel pump connection, all remaining fuel got used. You still need to plan for little fuel, by putting a container below the fuel line.

Fuel Filter replacement

You need to first remove the fuel filter in place before you think of replacing it. Once you can go through the removal process well, replacing it will be easy because it is a simple process reverse.

Here is how to remove the fuel filter after you have followed the above processes;

  • Take out clips
  • Take out the fuel lines
  • Remove fuel filter
  • Check the new filter with the old one
  • Replace


No matter how careful you try to be, you can never use the fuel filter forever. You will need to change it from time to time. It is always better to call an expert to help Remove the filter and change. That is because they have the tools and expertise, and they can figure out other wrong things in the system. However, with the steps discussed in this guide above, you can change your air filter. That will only happen if you have the right tools. Do not think of using these steps above if you have a diesel engine. These engines have more complicated parts and connections. Always call an expert!