How To Properly Maintain A Plastic Granulator Machine

How To Properly Maintain A Plastic Granulator Machine


Although the plastic granulator machines have high strength and they can last long, maintenance procedures should be adopted to prevent any kind of damage to your machine. It is due to the fact that improper usage of your plastic granulator can be very dangerous. Not using it properly and following no maintenance procedures may lead to too many costly repairs.

Therefore, this blog has maintenance procedures for your plastic granulator machine. You can view more maintenance procedures if you don't feel like these tips are really working for you. But right now, you just read the blog till the end to gain information about Maintaining your plastic granulator machine.

Maintenance Tips For Plastic Granulator Machine

  1. First of all, you should have a proper schedule for maintenance purposes. Doing the maintenance regularly can give you amazing results.
  2. You have to sharpen the stationary as well as rotatory knives in a proper schedule routine. This will help you to increase the efficiency of your granulator hence making it easier for you to process the material with heavy efficiency. Moreover, maintaining the stationary and rotary knives not only increases the efficiency of your granulator but also the stress on the wear and tear of the granulator is also reduced.
  3. When you are operating your granulator machine, it is important to keep foreign objects away from it. In case you mistakenly put those objects into the granulator, it may cause you heavy damage.
  4. One important step in maintaining your plastic granulator machine is that you need to keep in touch with your manufacturer. A good manufacturer will keep guiding you with new advice regarding the maintenance of your plastic granulator machine. If you face any problem and don't know how to solve it then you should immediately contact the manufacturer without taking any kind of the wrong action.
  5. To ensure even wear and tear, it is always necessary to rotate the granulator screen properly.
  6. When operating your plastic granulator machine, you should always keep an eye on it to make sure that it doesn't get clogged. If by mistake your granulator screen gets clogged, it will automatically send the material to the cutting chamber that may cause the rotor to jam. Failure to keep an eye will also result in the burning of the electrical motor. Therefore, you should be attentive while operating your plastic granulator machine.
  7. Lastly, you need to make sure that all the parts of your plastic granulator machine are properly oiled. Having a proper oiling treatment for all the parts can result in better efficiency and higher productivity of your plastic granulator machine.


All the above-mentioned tips can help you operate your plastic granulator machine in a much more perfect way. If these maintenance tips don't work for you and you are searching for something else then you shouldn't hesitate to contact your manufacturer anytime you want. Only a trustworthy manufacturer can help you choose the better equipment and then make the best use of it by giving you maintenance advice.