How to style an HD lace wig?

How to style an HD lace wig?

After buying the wig, the first question that comes to mind is how to style the wig. There are a few methods that will help you in this regard. Reading this guide will help you in styling your real hd wigs.

Use of spray bottle

Investing in a spray bottle is the first step to styling and caring for your wig. Always fill the spray with clean and cool water and use it for styling your hair. Spritz the clean water on your wig and use your fingers to style the hair. You will get smooth frizz with this method. Both long and short wigs can be smoothed down with the tips of your fingers.

Brushing a wig

Don’t ever brush the wig when it is wet. You should also not use the regular hair brush or comb used for natural hair for your wig. Brushing your wig hair with natural hair comb can damage your wig or the lace of the wig. A regular hair comb can cause damage to the fibers of the wig. You should not use long strokes on your wig, always use short strokes. Otherwise, it may result in pulling the strands of the wig. Use long strokes but with slight pressure for a few specific hairstyles.

Wig care products

There are two types of products that can are available in the market. One for human hair other for wig hair. Washing products for wigs are different from those for human hair. Always use products made for wigs for wig hair. You can use wig mousse or wig spray for styling or holding your hair strands.

Use of heat

The use of heat is not a good option if your wig is labeled as wig sensitive. If your wig is labeled heat friendly, you can use heat appliances on your wigs. Also, if your wig is made up of 100 percent human hair, you can use styling tools like a straightener or blow dryer on your wig. But frequent use of heat appliances on your wig might reduce the life of your wig. For those wigs that are not heat friendly, the use of heat tools can damage or melt their fibers.

Restoration of style

Restoration of style is a perk of using a wig. But you should use the right products for washing and conditioning your wig to make it back to its original style. Don’t use hot water for washing the wigs. There are specific products for washing wigs. Use those but with cool water. Cool water will help the wig’s fiber to return back to its real state.

Volume of wig

Back combing or teasing individual layers will help you in getting more volume. For lifting the hair a bit high, use a wig comb and lift the roots slightly away from the cap. Use the spray and set your desired style.

Cutting of wig

You can cut your wig but try to get help from a hair stylist in this regard. A professional hair stylist will save you time and help you set your desired hairstyle.