MH370: New underwater sound wave analysis suggests alternative travel route and new impact locations

Inspired by a need to support come across Malaysia Airways flight MH370, which is believed to acquire crashed to the southern Indian Ocean in March 2014, we proposed a technique for Doing work out wherever objects strike the area of the ocean using underwater acoustic waves. Sadly this didn’t result in acquiring the plane. On the other hand, our exploration into these waves has moved on since we first proposed the idea in 2017, and We now have now been in a position to detect two locations where by the aeroplane might have impacted Using the ocean, as well in its place route which the aircraft may have taken.


Any time you drop a pebble in the lake, drinking water waves are created from the location on the affect, while seem waves build the splashing sound you hear. Another kind of wave is generated Within the h2o too: hydroacoustic. Much like a audio wave, hydroacoustic waves go much faster throughout the denser drinking water than they would via air – 1,five hundred metres for every 2nd (m/s) compared to 340m/s.

Equally, when a large item, for instance a meteorite or aeroplane, impacts violently within the area of an ocean, it generates large area waves, in addition to a spouse and children of sound waves that come from a unexpected alter in force often called acoustic-gravity waves. These can travel A huge number of kilometres from the drinking water, carrying vital information on the source of the influence, ahead of dissipating.

Within our very last review we looked at acoustic-gravity waves picked up by hydrophone (underwater microphone) stations while in the Indian Ocean, to slim down wherever flight MH370 could have impacted the ocean to two details. But now we have discovered A further component that could establish essential for pinning down The situation from the influence: sea ground elasticity (adaptability).

When acoustic-gravity waves commence travelling in the The ocean flooring their propagation speed boosts to around 3,500 m/s, with the 1,500m/s they would are actually travelling at throughout the water. Past analysis regarded the sea ground to generally be rigid, which might not allow the radiating waves to move as a result of it. On the other hand, In case the elasticity of The ocean flooring is taken into consideration then the waves will vacation at this enhanced pace.

Rethinking influence
The acoustic-gravity waves that we analysed for both equally this and our prior research arrived from two hydroacoustic stations (Just about every of that has 3 underwater microphones named hydrophones), which have been Energetic at some time when MH370 went lacking, on March 7-8, 2014. The main, HA01, is off Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia, although the next, generally known as HA08s, is at Diego Garcia, which can be part of the Chagos Archipelago.


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