Prepare for just a ‘Woman Macbeth’ younger adult musical

In case you had been someone hoping to get a youthful-adult musical determined by Lady Macbeth, now is your working day. The Hollywood Reporter is announcing that Amazon Studios is finding up an untitled Girl Macbeth feature venture that has Scooter Braun and Channing Tatum amongst its producers.

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S.J. Inwards will produce the job when John McPhail, who manufactured the zombie horror comedy musical Anna as well as the Apocalypse, will immediate.

THR states:

Specifics on the plot are increasingly being held inside a castle keep, though the Tale is alleged to center on the teenage girl who grapples with her own morality as she contends with the dreadful outcomes of her ambition.

It will take its cues from Girl Macbeth, certainly one of literature’s most outstanding figures plus a key determine in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the tale of the Scottish common who murders his way into kingship whilst descending into insanity from guilt and perception within a prophecy informed by witches. Lady Macbeth is his wife, a calculating female who prods her husband into murder and war.

Amazon has not officially commented about the job. No casting or launch day information continues to be created nonetheless.

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