Property Lawyers for Resolving Land Disputes in Pakistan

Property Lawyers in Pakistan are very hard find, in particular suitable ones. One of the biggest markets in Pakistan right now is Property. The charge of property (in sure regions i.E. Lahore, Karachi, Gwadar and so forth etc) are growing on a weekly foundation, an land disputes are not unusual in this a part of the sector. Like any growing country, Property Laws and Practices in Pakistan are a minefield if you do no longer have the right Property Lawyers to address your case. This is wherein 24Justice.Pk can assist you along with your matters, as we handiest sign up the satisfactory within the business on our panel.

What Our Property Lawyers for Resolving Land Disputes in Pakistan deal with?
Our Specialists have years of Experience in coping with instances including (however now not confined to):-

Landlord / Tenant Disputes
Sale and Exchange of Property
Distribution of Property
Drafting Relevant Stamp Paper Agreements
Issuing FIR‘s for illegalities
Boundary Wall / Boundary Limit Disputes
Evicting Non-Moving Tenants
Getting Stays on Property
Ensuring Landlords deliver their guarantees
Sending and Demanding Rent from Non-Paying Tenants
Executing Sales / Renovation / Division of Property inside By-Laws of Housing Societies
Division of Already Sold Property
Ensuring Children get their Inheritance Fairly
Releasing Illegal Possession (“Kabza”) of Property
Claiming Possession of Property
Separation of Property during Divorce / Khula Cases
Resolving Repair Issues / Issues all through Construction
Filing Cases for Damages and Compensation
Challenging Fake Registries / Documentation Claims
Verifying Ownership of Land
Assisting Overseas Pakistani’s with their Court Cases in Pakistan
Assisting Clients with shopping for land from Actual Owners
Girvi / Mortgage Matters
Drafting Papers and Applications for the Sale / Exchange / Inheritance of Property
Out of Court Arbitration of Land
How to get in contact with the Right Property Lawyer in Pakistan
Our Specialist Property Lawyers will analyze your case, and advise you pleasant on a way to continue, relying in your modern-day case, and your preferred outcome. Once extra, our Panel work on our “24Justice Fixed Fee” Basis, which means you’ll get the most reasonable price, and the most expert service available.

To find out more, Download Our Legal Services and Online Lawyers App From here or by Searching for “24Justice” from the Google Play Store. Once established, upload your Query/Case/Question and one among our Trusted and Verified Legal Specialists will reply.Alternatively,

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