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Want to learn more about Purim? Check out these links to learn more about the holiday and how it can inspire us to take action:

gun violence in america

Learn the sobering facts about gun violence in America:

If you'd like to put some information about Everytown out at your baking and/or selling event, check out these one-page fact sheets that you can print:

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hamantashen + Mishloach manot

Here are some possible Hamantashen recipes to use: 

Information about Mishloach Manot:

  • "Mishloach manot are gifts of food that friends (and prospective new friends!) exchange on Purim. Often presented in baskets, most mishloach manot include hamantaschen, the traditional three-sided pastry eaten on Purim, but may also include a wide variety of foods and treats." (Reform Judaism)