You can make a difference. Sign up and commit your group to baking and selling Hamantaschen and/or Mishloach Manot baskets. This Purim, we are saying: No more.

We will be updating a list of organizations who have registered. Check back here to see if anyone in your area has already created an event so you can join them. 

We know Purim is soon. Do this on your own time. If you need to do this after Purim, that's still great. But the point is: The Jewish community will not stay silent. 


Sign your group up to Bake Action Against Gun Violence.

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After you've finished your bake, fill out the below form to let us know how much you've raised and where you'll be donating the money. Most groups are making donations on their own (rather than sending as a single donation from "Bake Action"), but we'd like to have a count of what people have accomplished.

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Spread the Word

RSVP to our Facebook event and invite other members of the community. Hold them accountable. Commit publicly to end gun violence.

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