Top 5 Best Hair Coloring Applicator Bottles You Need to Get

Top 5 Best Hair Coloring Applicator Bottles You Need to Get

Applicator bottles are essential for every person and can undergo flipping to perform many functions other than the ones designated. Some act as storage for water and liquids, while some may be used to hold detergents or sanitizers. On the other hand, a hair applicator bottle can contain hair products, conditioners, and coloring agents. A majority of them store essential hair oils.

While they may seem like simple objects that do not require much thought, choosing a hair applicator bottle that works well and stores a liquid without leaks requires some work. When it comes to coloring agents, you need to get a bottle that reaches the hair's roots and keeps the coloring liquid in a tight seal to avoid discoloration or leaking. For people who do their hair, having a bottle with great tips that functions well is essential to coloring their hair perfectly.

Best Hair Coloring Applicator Bottles to Get

Before purchasing an applicator bottle, you should consider the size of the liquid it holds and its durability. The bottle should also be flexible, making it easier to press while spreading it around the head. These properties are essential for people who dye their hair often and independently. Below are some great applicator bottles you need to get.

1. BAR5F Hair Applicator Bottle

This brand comes in three different bottles, each of size 6oz. It is highly durable since it contains excellent plastic and flexible plastic material, making it easy to squeeze out during use. The plastic material is also easy to clean; hence your bottle is maintained for a long time. These bottles already come precut during purchase; their only disadvantage is that they cannot store liquid for a long time or in a congested space.

2. Soft 'N Style Hair Color Bottle

This color bottle can hold approximately 80oz of liquid. The bottle has marks on the outside to help you know the amount of fluid left. In addition, it has a red-tipped lid that prevents spillage and requires piercing when you want to use the liquid. This lid ensures that a controlled amount of fluid is released at a time.

3. Sdootbeauty Applicator Bottle

Each bottle can hold up to 16.9oz of liquid and has translucent plastic showing you the amount of liquid remaining. They have black-colored lids, which makes them a great option. These bottles come in either green or blue color.

4. Slanting Tolco Bottle

This bottle has a slanted lid which enables you to get into the hidden roots in the hair. It has a translucent which look, which shows its capacity after use. It holds an approximate liquid of 8oz.

5. Diane Application Bottle

The Diane brand bottle has a clear, visible look, making it easy to refill your bottle. It contains a lid with a narrow applicator tip that helps during dye application. Its small size makes it highly portable and causes less mess during use.


There are a lot of hair coloring applicator bottles to choose from when making a purchase. You should consider several factors that ensure the bottle you get is of high quality and last longer. A hair applicator bottle should be easy to use and perfectly color your hair. Hence, choosing a bottle should not be hard as outstanding high-quality brands provide just that and cater to your needs.