We love water dots. LOVE them!


I’ve been sharing a portion of our water dot play on Instagram and Facebook of late and have been shocked by what number of individuals are either inexperienced with them or request that what do with water dots.

In this way, I thought I’d set up a post with
water beads

where to get water dots

step by step instructions to hydrate them

furthermore, a portion of the pleasant things we do with them.

On the whole, here’s a video demonstrating kids playing with this fun tangible material:

I’ll likewise connection to some different posts around the web at the base of this post with significantly more thoughts for how to manage water dabs.

A fast note about wellbeing: These water dots are alright for contacting and playing with yet NOT for eating. In the event that you have a little one who despite everything places things in his mouth, at that point manage intently (as I’m certain you would in any case) or spare the water dots for when he is more seasoned. I’ll incorporate a few eatable water dot thoughts toward the finish of this post may be better for youngsters who mouth things…

How to manage Water Beads

Where to Buy Water Beads?

We have purchased water dots from an assortment of spots after some time. I’ve discovered them in the toy area of a nearby drugstore for $1.99. For the most part, I purchase water dabs on Amazon. Those are the ones you see imagined here. More thoughts…

This pack keeps all the hues discrete, however, in case you’re keen on that thought for themed tactile canisters. In addition it makes an astounding 3 gallons worth of water dots.

Bob water dabs

Truly, they bob! Something you rapidly learn in the event that you drop a few. They bob and dissipate everywhere. While you would prefer not to spill a bowl-full, testing their ricochet capacity is enjoyable.

Have you utilized water dabs yet? If not, I suggest checking out them!

Keep in mind, you can get them on Amazon for a couple of dollars or search for them at the Dollar Tree or an art store, for example, Michael’s… That’s not a ton to pay for all the great you’re certain to have with these!

More thoughts for how to manage water dots

On the off chance that you like themed tangible tubs, look at this ocean side water globule tactile tub (at The Imagination Tree) or this lake life water dab tactile tub (at Fun Littles).

Make Glowing Rainbow Water Beads with Flourescent paint (on Growing a Jeweled Rose)

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