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If you wish to marry in a civil ceremony you should contact one of our marriage commissioners. Their names and phone numbers are on business cards available when you apply for your license. Marriage licenses are issued weekdays from 8 AM to 4 PM. We are not open on weekends or on state or federal holidays. Although there is no waiting period to use your license you should not wait until the last day before your planned wedding to obtain your license as the courthouse is subject to close for emergencies at any time without advance notice. All persons, bags and packages entering the courthouse are subject to search by court security and you will be required to pass through an x-ray scanner upon entry.

Do not bring with you anything that could be considered a weapon, any controlled drug substances or other contraband and do not bring your cell phone. Also, the courthouse is not an environment suitable for children. Congratulations and best wishes on your upcoming wedding. Gary S.

Vital Records – Virginia Department of Health

Anderson Clerk 2. What do I need to do to perform a marriage in Virginia?

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Any circuit court judge may issue an order authorizing one or more persons resident in the circuit in which the judge sits to celebrate the rites of marriage in the Commonwealth. The clerk's office does not have forms for this procedure. You must prepare your own petition to file.

If I file my own divorce, can I just give copies of the papers to my spouse? Yes, but this does not provide proper legal service. After I file my divorce does the court let me know what to do next?

Marriage License

No, you are required to see that the case goes forward and in so doing you must comply with all applicable rules and statutes, prepare and file all necessary papers, have the evidence taken uncontested divorce , and prepare and file all Orders Decrees necessary to process and complete the divorce. Do I file my divorce in Newport News? If I need advice on substantive legal matters concerning my divorce or a change of name petition, may I get that from the Clerk's Office or the judges' administrative assistants? For additional help regarding this service, please contact the Virginia Department of Health, Division of Vital Records.

The WIC program provides breastfeeding support, nutrition education, referrals to appropriate health agencies, and nutritious foods for eligible applicants. The 35 VDH Health Districts perform a wide variety of environmental and public health functions to keep all visitors and citizens of the Commonwealth safe while dining, lodging and enjoying all that Virginia has to offer. The Home Care and Hospice unit, within the Acute Care Division, is responsible for the state licensure of home care organizations and hospice programs.

The Archives Division The Library of Virginia East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia, They have copies of surviving birth and death records for the period to and marriage records prior to If the records are not available from the State office, they should be available from the Clerk of Court in county where the marriage license was issued. If the records are not available from the State office, they should be available from the Clerk of Court in county where divorce was granted Marriage Jan - Order Online on microfilm at the Archives Census through Search U.

Marriage licenses

Many have different offices for handling specific types of vital records and holdings may vary. Use the addresses and phone numbers listed for each county as a starting point. I recommend that you call or write the county offices to check your best option for getting the information you need. Follow this link to determine what county a city or town is in.

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  • Marriage Licenses, Copies, Name Change & Minister Authorization.

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Obtaining a Copy of a Marriage License

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