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She wont call me back, refuses to set up my meeting, wont to tell me what im suppose to do to get my kids back, I am not court ordered to do anything but enrolled myself in parenting as well as did counseling. Nothing is adding up! For the past 39 days we have been fighting non stop to get our children returned to us. As we headed into the courthouse a Social Worker met us at the door, handing us a piece of paper stating the new reason we could not have our children returned home to us is cuz we are on a month to month rental and not on a year lease. I have a question..

We both did uas he came up with meth and I came up clean, 2x a week for a couple months. Went back to court and by this time my sons father is in jail and since then cps has been picking me apart still doing uas 2x a month when I never gave them a dirty one, making me go through a psychiatric evaluation because of some things my ex said while on meth. I have witnessed the case worker blantly lie on the stand.

Saying I told her these crazy allegations when I never did. Anything I said to her, she flipped it into negative and considering I never gave them a reason to be in my life, they wear me out and take up unnessary time of the only parent there for my child which is me. Not once have I given them a ua that would make it nesassary for me to be doing 2 uas a week for over 4 months now. I need help fighting these people who have no just reason to be in my life.

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What are my options? You need to hire an attorney that specializes in your constitutional rights!!! Get a civil federal lawyer in another county and fight for your right. The lawyer will work payment arrangements for you. I had a raid an was charged but i got out the same day cause no record children an youth said that the gun was by the kids an so did the police but in my discovery it was said to be out of reach of the kids i had someone to keep my kids while i went to jail for the 6hrs i did but they still got the court to sign so hey can put them in placement but the only reason they have to keep my kids is because of my pending charge an the judge says should u take all kids that parents have a pending charge so i was trying to see if i had a case or not.

Fully Loaded Legal Consultations will help you create all of your motions, affidavits, and will even create your civil complaint. My name is Jeff a father of 9 children including our newborn boy only 3 days old. We have been harassed consistently now for several months by a CPS female investigator who lies and has no respect for the law. Our attorney seems unsure how to handle her and tries to manipulate us to cooperate with this CPS baby thief. Walks through our newer 6 bedroom brick home and checks the place out then leaves. She does this a second time the next day when we ran to the store each time making sure my wife and I were not home so she could bully her way past my daughter.

Avoiding making contact with our attorney before trespassing on our private property which is posted and she has been told by the attorney she is not allowed to be on the property. It all started with a minor dog bite incidence and the dog is not here yet she still persist on making sure the dog is not in the home. She has broke our constitutional rights most of all amendment It has been traumatizing to our children.

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I really let out my emotions in anger today when they came strooling up my private driveway knowing I was angry and fed up as we trying to welcome our new son into the family. I believe we have a very good case to file a Federal action law suit against this female worker and her partner. Any tips?? Thankyou and God Bless. CPS destroyed my life I am suffering because of them.

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They stalk me. They go to my child 4year old school asking dumb questions. They are liars. I am going to homeschool my children because of them. I withdrew my child out of school because my 5th ammendment was violated. The court told them they do not need to see my other children. My oldest child was taken out the house but he didnt want to follow the rules. If I had money I would create a safe haven for parents like us. I might move again because of them. Please help me my son was taken in to cps custody when he was born supposedly because his mother had another child already in custody at the time of his birth i was 17 years old and had no idea that i even had a son beans she put the baby on another man even named my son after him dss did a dna she finally told them i was the father i was in prison at the time so i came home trying to get my son i had just recently found out about.

I wont ever forget when the school called me and told me that her father resigned her from school.

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  7. I have had my daughter since birth. I found my passion. I need help I want my daughter back please someone point me in the right path. I have not even been able to talk or see her in over a year.


    It has been three years since our case was closed and my daughter and granddaughter were returned to it. But as bad as all that was, the worst came from the physical, emotional and mental abuse the girls were put through while in group homes. We are in Texas. Would it be too late to file a case against them now? If the statute of limitations has tolled no more time to file the attorney would be able to tell you. June, you asked if it is too late to file in Federal Court after three years.

    Your best bet would be to consult a licensed, experienced civil rights attorney in your area. You need a local attorney to help you with this. Please I need help i do not have faith in my legal abilities i am just looking for an advocate i will do anything that the advocate tells me…. I try to show everyone how to become their own best advocate. If you want to sue in federal court, please look for a licensed, experienced civil rights attorney to help you — not just some person off the streets who claims to have a little legal knowledge, who wants to call themselves an advocate.

    It is a burnout job for them…. CPS destroyed my life. They took my kids and accused me of whipping my son in the face with a belt. I did not own a belt. I buy my clothing to fit. But anyways, they took my 5 year old son and my 3 year old little girl. The mark on his face was a round pea size mark under his eye from hand grip on bike handle bar. Before this point they were at my house 2 to 3 times a week for 4 years.. He lives with my sisters.

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    They hold the cps over my head and tell my son that I beat him. He tells them no, he remembers what happened and he did it on his bike.. And they are. Is there something I can do to the cps like sue them so i can get that wall down and get my son home?

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    Michael, it is probably too late for you to sue Child Protective Services for something that happened many years ago. However, it is not too late for your son to sue, and he could do that now with the help of an attorney, or he could do that within the first year or two after he turns It would help to have a family law attorney to help you with this. I live in Col Ohio.

    I have custody of my daughters oldest son. Her other 3 were put in foster care because her or husband severely abused their 5 month old, but I have had her 3. CPS took her also, with no abuse on her because she lived with me. I was young and dumb.