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Crime scene investigators CSIs have been pivotal in the efforts to solve these crimes. As soon as a crime scene has been secured, CSIs are brought onto the scene. They begin analyzing the scene by photographing it.


Crime scene investigators collect physical evidence to be analyzed in crime labs, including:. These professionals also prepare written reports documenting their findings and frequently are called to testify in court. Crime labs in Ohio that provide experts to assist law enforcement agencies with their crime scene analysis include:. The education and training needed to become a crime scene investigator in Ohio varies greatly, depending on the type of CSI position.

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Some CSIs are civilian employees of law enforcement agencies, and the requirements for these jobs do not entail academy training. In other cases, the CSIs are detectives with forensic training. Civilian CSIs. College degrees may or not be required to gain employment as a civilian CSI. Residents of Ohio can choose between studying CSI techniques as part of a criminal justice or forensic degree or certificate offered at state schools or enrolling in one of the online schools that offers training in this field.

Other CSIs are sworn officers with a substantial amount of investigative experience. To become this type of CSI, applicants must be accepted as law enforcement officers. They will have to complete their training at a law enforcement academy to become sworn officers. Typically, such officers work on the force for several years before being promoted to be a CSI and receive substantial amounts of training in the forensic sciences.

Westerville police chief leaving to lead Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation

The Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab is one entity that trains police officers in crime scene analysis. All types of CSIs continue their education while on the job. The technologies involved in crime scene analysis are rapidly evolving, and CSIs frequently take additional courses to keep up with new techniques being developed.

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Battelle and Ohio BCI Bring ‘Massively Parallel Sequencing’ to Ohio Forensic Laboratory

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